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Zucchini Bread 12 oz Candle


A classic blend of spicy zucchini, cinnamon, and spices

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A classic blend of spicy zucchini, cinnamon, and spices harmonize perfectly to create an aroma of a timeless homemade treat. With top notes of zucchini and sugar, middle notes of cinnamon, and base notes of nutmeg, tonka bean, and a yummy bakery.

Materials: Glass jar, metal twist top lid, a combination of soy wax, other vegetable waxes, food-grade paraffin, proprietary ingredients, cotton wick, and fragrance oil.

Use: Please burn candles responsibly. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each burn. Please see the warning label on the bottom of each candle for safety instructions. To get the most out of your new candle, burn the candle until the entire top layer is melted or the candle will tunnel otherwise your burn time will be reduced dramatically.

Wax can easily be cleaned out of the jar with hot soapy water and the jar can be reused or recycled. Due to the nature of wax, you may notice “frosting” or a spot where the wax has pulled slightly away from the jar. This is completely normal for wax and will not affect your candle’s scent throw (how much it smells) or the quality of the candle in any way.


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